What our clients say

“I feel like I filled up my toolbox with great skills!”

Bud R., Tech Support
Medical Equipment Mfg. Company

“I came into your class thinking I knew a lot about customer service management. You really opened my eyes, and gave a lot of immediately usable information.”

Field Service Mgr.
John Deere

“I saw immediate results after the training. Call times are shorter, the reps sound much more professional on the phone, and we’ve received customer emails complimenting reps’ professionalism.”

John B.
Help Desk Manager

“Thank you! This certainly was a participative, active training session. The group gained lots of new skills and the practice sessions were excellent. I think the class was great. Learning the different styles really stood out.”

Help Desk Manager
Biotech Company

“You will get only glowing reviews from us. All is well with our internal customers as a result of the training and other action steps discussed in the session are being implemented. You really understand technical help desk issues and have a specific niche.”

Technology Manager
Public School District

“I liked the scientific explanation for why customers get angry, and specific steps for defusing.”

Software engineer

“Your class was a revelation . . . it really helped everyone work together more effectively and productively. Not only is the company working ‘smarter’ but great inter team cooperation has improved external customer service.”

Joan R., Customer Service Advocate
Manufacturing Company

“Your information and cross cultural insight was so helpful to our field service group. They’d never had a class like this, and came away impressed and informed.”

International Field Service Manager
Printrak International

“Our customer relationships are so much better since your session. When we booked you, we were having trouble with customer retention. A few months later, we’re so busy, and our customers are more satisfied with us. Your exercises really helped us look at ourselves and what we needed to improve. I consult your ‘cheat sheet’ every day.”

Customer Service Liaison
Axsys Technologies

“We utilize your concepts everyday in helping our internal customers. The workbook has been a helpful review of the class for our help desk agents.”

Help Desk Manager
Optimax, UK

“Our telephone support people really picked up lots of new ways to deal with customers. They learned why a helpful attitude makes the job easier.”

Field Service Manager
Computer Manufacturer, UK