7 Top Tips for Handling Help Desk Calls

7 Top Tips for Handling Help Desk Calls

Article by Donna Earl

  1. Start the call by identifying yourself and asking the user how you can help them today. Resist asking how they are or other robotic questions. Help the caller focus on telling you how they need support.
  2. If the user is upset, allow brief venting and empathize with their situation. If you ignore user’s frustration and jump straight to problem solving, the user can assume you’re uncaring.
  3. When the customer is describing the issue, take care to summarize key points to make sure you’re on the same page. This helps the user focus and provide a more accurate description and detail.
  4. When asking clarifying or troubleshooting questions, preface the question with: “To help me understand the issue, I need to ask . . .”
  5. If you need to consult with a colleague in order to resolve the issue, don’t say, “I don’t know (but I’ll find out)”. Tell the user you’re committed to providing them the best solution, and will research the issue.
  6. When you need to escalate, explain to the user that you’re transferring him/her to someone who specializes in resolving their issue. When transferring calls, always escort and introduce.
  7. At the end of the call, summarize what you’ve accomplished, thank the user for calling, and tell them to call back with any future issues.

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