8 Tips to Refresh and Reboot Your Service Desk

8 Tips to Refresh and Reboot Your Service Desk

Make 2018 the year your Help Desk will stand out. Revisit your help desk’s performance and make improvements for the rest of the year.

Here are the top 8 tips to refresh and reboot your service desk performance!

  • Survey your customers. Ask them what they appreciated about your service last year. Ask users what changes would make the service desk more supportive.
  • Survey your help desk agents. Ask staff what they thought they did well in the past year. Ask what they can improve in 2018.
  • Provide updated technical skills training. Training is especially impactful at the beginning of the year.
  • Assess your agents’ customer service skills.  Refreshing customer service skills is a good way to pump up your help desk’s performance and reputation. Get started now!
  • Analyze service requests from your user base, and make sure you’re efficiently addressing the most frequent requests.
  • Revisit and update your self-help portal/FAQs. Verify customer/user support needs are reflected in self-help. If your support function doesn’t offer self-support for your user base, 2018 is the year and time to implement one.
  • Fine tune your management skills and resolve to provide more guidance to your team by increased contact monitoring and feedback.
  • Make a point of focusing on employee motivation in 2018. In addition to increased training, provide agents feedback on job performance, kudos for contacts well handled, flex time and flex hours if you have that option, and more opportunities for staff to bond informally over food and fun.

Look at customer and employee feedback with new eyes, and refocusing on service, employee motivation, and performance and your service desk will raise the bar in 2018.

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