Donna Earl’s Ten Top Tips From Webinar “Help Your Help Desk Deliver Top Notch Support”

Donna Earl’s Ten Top Tips From Webinar
“Help Your Help Desk Deliver Top Notch Support”

From the Help Desk Coach

  1. Create guidelines for a good beginning for your help desk calls. Monitor and make sure all agents are following your good call beginning guidelines to consistently make a good first impression on your callers.
  2. End users value consistency on the help desk. With professional call beginnings and agents who connect with the callers, your user base will recognize the help desk as a team of professionals.
  3. If callers prefer certain agents over others, increase training efforts to assure consistency in call handling.
  4. Effective help desk agents are able to manage their own emotions and defuse the emotions of frustrated users. Remember that emotions matter.
  5. End users can be grouped into 3 categories:
    • Advanced, tech savvy users
    • Moderately comfortable with technology
    • Confused and resistant
  6. The approach to dealing with the user must match their level of comfort and sophistication with technology.
  7. Promote self-help following resolution of the user issue, and follow up with email link.
  8. Campaigns to promote self-help within organizations must be user-centric and follow the WIIFU benefits rule.
  9. Every good call ends with a good ending. Summarize, recap, follow up with an email, and offer future help.
  10. Consistently professional endings yield positive surveys.

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