Gain Customer Satisfaction through More Efficient Call Handling

Gain Customer Satisfaction through More Efficient Call Handling

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Article by Donna Earl

The key is control. When help desk agents are able to guide the conversation and redirect customer frustration, the agent experiences less stress and more mastery over the call, call time is typically shorter and the customer experiences a higher level of satisfaction. In addition, customers can be more easily coached in using self help to resolve future issues.

Here are 7 Tips for increased customer satisfaction and more efficient help desk agent call time:

  1. Provide help desk agents with the skills and training to address customer frustration. Upset customers do not listen well. Some agents try to use logic and solutions to try to placate an agitated customer. This can lengthen call time and convince the customer your organization doesn’t care.
  2. Agents who use effective listening skills and appropriate questions are able to uncover the real problem(s), guide the call, keep the conversation on track, fix the problem, and satisfy the customer more quickly.
  3. Help desk agents need specific guidelines to steer difficult conversations and handle challenging callers. In tough situations, agents who can keep their own reactions in check react most effectively and efficiently to frustrated customers. Agents handle stressful situations more confidently with call guides or after rehearsing responses for difficult scenarios
  4. Emotional resilience is a key attribute of an effective agent. Agents need help and training to keep cranky customers and job frustrations in perspective. Those who are able to manage their own emotions most effectively tend to find the job least stressful, and respond most appropriately to agitated customers.
  5. Help desk agents who recognize the ‘teachable’ moment in problem resolution are able to encourage customers to use self help next time, and reduce call volume for repetitive issues.
  6. Every help desk wants customers to acknowledge they’ve received great service. Ending the call by thanking the customer for calling, restating what has been accomplished, asking if the customer has any other issues, and offering future help is the best formula to help the customer realize they’ve received great service.
  7. The way a call starts often determines the length of the call. The way the help desk agent ends the call is essential in establishing a reputation for customer satisfaction.

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