Ask the Coach

Executive Support Tops the Queue

Q. Dear Help Desk Coach:

In my company, the C level executives get special treatment. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. Even if someone else has a more serious issue, our manager wants us to give priority to the C level executive.

It doesn’t seem fair. How can I make the manager understand this is unfair to other users?


Perplexed IT Help Desk Engineer

A. Dear Perplexed:

What you’ve described is the scenario in a client company I recently worked with, and undoubtedly in many companies. In the case of my client, the CIO was highly sensitive to criticisms of the support function.

This CIO found any attempt to promote more advanced IT was derailed by complaints from other chief execs about slow service desk support. C level execs simply didn’t want to wait in queue, and wanted immediate resolutions. For strategic reasons, to make sure other C execs would support IT improvements, this CIO sent a mandate to the service desk that C level executives receive on demand support.

Perhaps in your organization, a similar dynamic exists. Your manager and director are under pressure to keep top level executives happy, which means timely support! When you’re asked to support C execs out of queue, keep an open mind that your manager is doing the best he can to provide access to support for all users and make sure top execs (many of whom have ‘type A’ personalities) have a positive regard for the help desk.


The Help Desk Coach