Ask the Coach

Finding the Problem

Q. Dear Help Desk Coach:

I’m the CEO of a software company which provides support to a specialized customer base. Although our metrics are good regarding speed to answer call, first call resolution, problem resolution, etc., our customers still think we don’t offer good customer service. Even when our sales department takes the metrics to show customers, they still complain about our customer service. I’m thinking perhaps quality is the issue. What do you think?

A. Dear Software CEO:

You are absolutely right to look at reasons that have nothing to do with numbers. Your customers are telling you they want something other than a focus on numbers. To get to the root of the problem, gather information from other sources. Do you or another manager routinely monitor calls to listen to your technicians’ communication skills? How are calls with frustrated customers handled? Have your technicians had any training in guiding calls proficiently and courteously? Do your technicians handle difficult situations diplomatically? The answer to these questions could help you explain the disconnect between your numbers and your reputation.